Famoid followers – Your social proof for instagram

Social media is a platform where first impressions matter a lot. When someone lands on your Instagram profile, they immediately start forming opinions about your account within seconds. All your content, including your bio, leaves an impression. 

Why do instagram followers matter so much?

Having an impressive follower count acts as a third-party validation of your account. It signals that real people have deemed your content interesting enough to follow you. For personal brands and business accounts, this instantly adds legitimacy and makes you seem more established in your industry. Additionally, a higher follower number leads to more discoverability on Instagram. Accounts with more followers show up higher in searches, get more engagement on posts, and have a higher reach. Therefore, buying Instagram followers is a strategic way to jumpstart growth effectively.

Risks of buying fake followers 

Of course, not all Instagram followers are created equal. There’s a big difference between real, active followers and bot or fake followers. Buying fake followers used to be common practice, but Instagram has gotten stricter at detecting and removing inauthentic activity. Using follower bots or services that grow your count with fake, inactive accounts comes with huge risks:

  • Account ban or deletion – Instagram regularly checks for artificial follower growth and outright bans accounts if they seem too suspicious. Having huge follower numbers but barely any likes or comments is a major red flag for inauthenticity.  
  • Ruined credibility – Fake followers don’t engage with your content. If you have 50k followers but only 100 likes per post, it’s extremely obvious which followers are genuine. It destroys your account’s credibility.
  • Poor instagram algorithm ranking – Instagram wants to showcase content that users enjoy engaging with, not accounts focused on vanity metrics with bots. Having fake followers tanks your account’s algorithm ranking.
  • Wasted money – Putting money towards low-quality or bot followers means wasting funds that could have gone towards growing your business. It provides no long-term value. To learn More about the author, click here.

Buying aged instagram followers

Purchasing followers can boost visibility and provide social proof. Aged Instagram followers from providers like Famoid are real follower accounts that get transferred to you. The accounts have real photos, bios, posts, and engagement history to seem authentic. Buying aged Instagram followers comes with tons of advantages:

  • 100% real accounts – Every follower transferred is a previously inactive or sold Instagram account, ensuring authenticity. 
  • Instant credibility boost – Gaining an initial boost of followers fosters trust and authority fast for new accounts.
  • Higher discoverability – More followers means increased visibility in Instagram searches, hashtags, and Explore.
  • Targeted followers available – Some providers let you specify followers by country, gender, interests, to get very targeted.
  • Safe payment options -Reputable sites process transactions securely through PayPal.  

It is a smart strategy to purchase aged followers so as to boost your Instagram growth and establish credibility for your brand or business.  

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