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What are the Media Colleges in Kolkata that offer excellent placement, infrastructure, facilities to students



In this digital world, the study of Mass Communication is getting popular. In this study, students come to know about how to spread the latest information across the globe. There are different ways of disseminating information, including websites, radio, blogs, television, magazines, books, and newspapers. From the last decade, there is a massive spike in the Mass Communication industry. Many media houses and news channels came into the picture in this period. In fact, Mass Communication is just a way of making relevant information available to the whole world.

Heritage Institute of Technology (HIT) Kolkata: Admission 2021, Courses,  Fee, Cutoff, Ranking, Placements & Scholarship

Pick this course of Mass Communication if you have strong communication skills, love writing, demonstrate things effectively, and are ready to take challenges. It is an emerging field as many of the students choose this course for their careers.

Basic Eligibility to Get Admission to Media Colleges in Kolkata

  • The basic eligibility to get admission into the Mass Communication Course is as below:
  • The aspirants of Mass Communication must have passed the 12th standard.
  • Most of the institutions pick the students based on their 12th class marks.
  • 10+2 is the basic eligibility to opt for a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and you must be a holder of a bachelor’s degree for PG courses.
  • The admissions get done based on the scores in the qualifying exams.

Top Mass Communication Colleges in Kolkata

If you are based in Kolkata and looking to make your career in the media industry, then you need to read the entire article to know about the best media colleges in Kolkata. Below are some of the top mass communication colleges in Kolkata.

1. Kolkata National University (KNU)

Kolkata National University produces excellent media creators for radio, TV, films, and more. It also develops marketing as well as innovative advertising professionals. That makes Kolkata National University one of the best media colleges in Kolkata. They offer a Diploma in Development Journalism and have the main focus to provide each student a course that enriches student life while learning. The passed out students also get the placement opportunity at big names, such as India Today, Hindu, Times now, and much more. The highest package offered to a student is 15.5 lacs yearly. The university offers multiple facilities to the students including Wi-Fi, hostel, library, canteen, smart classrooms, and playground.

2. Rabindra Bharati University

It is one of the best institutions to study Mass Communication. You can opt for a Master’s Degree or PhD. in Mass Communication at Rabindra Bharati University. The aspirant applying for the Master’s degree should have passed B.A. with a minimum of 55% marks and those applying for PhD. must have completed M.A. from a recognised university with at least 55% of marks. Around 70 to 80% of the students get placed every year after passing from this university. On an average, Rs 7.2 Lacs per annum is the highest package offered to a student. The university has a library where students can get any book they need. RBU also offers scholarship programs for their students. Shirin Guha and Methil Devika who have been successfully working in their fields, are the pass outs from this university.

3. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute

It is one of the well-known names in Kolkata for media-related courses. The institute offers a number of post-graduate courses in digital media. The eligibility required for the courses is graduation from a recognised university. The institute has a beautiful and large campus with well-equipped classrooms, a library, hostels, etc. they have their own placement cell that helps students to get placed. An average package offered to the students is around Rs 10 to 13 lacs annually. Almost all of the pass outs of this institute have been working in the media industry. Vipin Vijay and Sagar Ballary are alumni of SRFTI.

4. Amity University, Kolkata

Amity University is a well-known name among students across India. This institution offers journalism and mass communication courses at UG and PG levels. The eligibility for the bachelor’s degree is 10+2 and for the master’s degree is a bachelor’s in any field from a recognized university. This university is well-known for the facilities they offer. It includes a hostel, library, gym, large campus, medical shop, sports, and well-equipped classrooms. The passed out students from this university get placement aid. Every year, many big companies conduct a recruitment drive in this institution and hire students. Amity University provides all the necessary facilities to their students. The highest salary package offered to a student was more than Rs.37 lacs per annum.

Recent Graduate? Strengthen Your Job Prospects by Teaching British Abroad


Bad economy got you lower? Would you picture a bleak future with regards to your job prospects?

If you are a current graduate searching to grow your job options, plus there is without a doubt: you are feeling the use pinch from the economic crunch. A large number of smart, gifted youthful personnel are entering among the worst job markets ever – and unless of course there is a resume that may create a Fortune 500 Chief executive officer jealous, you are most likely preparing for any lengthy stint among the many youthful unemployed graduates available.

But when you are ready for the type of experience that may really get you places…the type of adventure you’ll remember throughout your existence…the kind of resume booster that can make an individual sources manager eager to land a job interview along with you…

…Then you are prepared to consider teaching British abroad!

Teaching British abroad is not only a great choice for British language graduates – almost any degree will help you land a existence-altering job teaching British overseas. Even though ESL (British like a second language) jobs in the usa might have more strident rules – for instance, you need to have a standardized test to achieve your ESL qualification – teaching British in foreign countries only needs a bachelor’s degree, the opportunity to speak British like a first language and a feeling of adventure.

Teaching abroad is not only a smart move for staying away from a poor employment market – it is also an excellent move for the future career. It’s not necessary to want to consider a job devoted solely to teaching British like a language actually, the best ESL teachers happen to be graduates with levels within the arts and sciences. Furthermore, the possibilities of learning another language is vital to standing out of the employment market crowd. Since several employers are oversaturated with job applications, they are able to manage to become more selective concerning the employees they hire – and you may bet that as it pertains lower into it, the prospects who’ve several languages within their linguistic repertoire can get the task. Obviously, learning an overseas language is not essential for ESL teachers as numerous schools do not let the native language spoken within the classroom, you are able to however practice your brand-new vocabulary skills outdoors from the classroom using your many interactions using the locals.

Educate Yourself British – You can easily Educate Yourself British


Although many people are usually afraid of the idea of this, the reality is that it’s not too tough also it does actually, only need that you employ technology as well as your brain. The good thing from it is that you may have fun in learning and it’ll not set you back a cent either.

The very first prerequisite is you have to know most of your language perfectly. This can make sure that you fully understand the different and various areas of speech. The more knowledge you have which a part of speech will be used, the simpler it might be to understand the syntax of the new language. Next, ensure that you do desire to educate yourself British.

When you are going to learn this language, you have to then consider the best way to carry out learning it. You have to decide whether you want to talk it fluently or are it for many general use or if you should utilize it to review for any graduate course. Next, you will have to address the problem which resource to make use of to be able to educate yourself British.

Its smart to appear to presenting books and audio tapes in addition to CDs that are effective sources that will help you educate yourself British. The best place to find these along with other sources range from the Internet along with a good book shop. It’s also your decision to determine whether to utilize a book (with tapes) or if you’ll need to utilize among the finest known audio programs.

You may choose to purchase these components online or get it from the store. The Web provides you with a lot more options and there are also the thing you need free of charge. A way of online is to hear online radio broadcasts within the British language like the BBC World Service. It’s also wise to utilize podcasts that offer more benefits than the Internet radio.

You may also download the podcasts after which pay attention to a motion picture again and again til you have started to comprehend the language better. It’s also smart to communicate with native loudspeakers from the language and actually, you need to try to immerse yourself within the language around you are able to. It’s also vital that you start your learning process by spending between 15 and half an hour every day in studying British.

The easiest method to succeed with learning the British language is as simple as memorizing different words and rules. It’s also wise to utilize CDs and videos which supports you educate yourself British inside a more efficient manner. If at all possible, try to study British within an British speaking country because this increases how quickly you start learning the word what.

How to earn money Teaching Online


For those who have some experience and revel in helping others learn, you may make money teaching online. There are lots of firms that pay out to assist adults and children learn without ever departing enhanced comfort of the computer chair. Based on the organization that you simply work with and also the subjects that you simply educate, you will probably make between $10 to $40 an hour or so.

A lot of companies that provide online teaching jobs need a degree or current enrollment inside a college. A couple of companies, for example eSylvan, need a current teaching certificate. Visit each company’s web site to begin to see the qualifications. If you possess the education but don’t have the experience, consider volunteering in a local library, school, or organization that requires tutors.

You are able to work either part-time or full-here we are at the businesses. The amount of hrs that you simply jobs are typically flexible, but you need to be obtainable in the afternoons and nights after school has ended. The organization that you simply work with will suit your skills track of children who require assist in individuals areas. Once you are matched together with your student, you train with them while on an online white board having a chat window. You can begin to see the same screen and you and a student can write or use it. You are able to communicate with the chat window.

With a few online teaching companies, you are well on demand whatever student signs in requiring homework help. You will have the chance to utilize a number of different students and you will likely stay busy throughout the week. You will not need to bother about cancellations.

Others will match you directly with students that you can help regularly. Working with similar students could be rewarding because you can monitor their progress and custom your tutoring for their learning style.

For greater versatility, consider having your own business. It might take time for you to find quality clients, however, you may charge your personal rates and never be worried about an intermediary. Make connections by volunteering in your area, ask clients to recommend you, by placing ads inside your local newspaper or Craigslist. An advantage of the is you can combine tutoring personally with teaching online, when you purchase.

Books As Traditional Teaching Sources


Books are a time old teaching resource. With technological progress, many modern teaching sources have surfaced however the recognition of books remains untouched. When one talks of your practice the look that sports ths in their mind is books rather compared to a pc or IWB.

Besides books, there are many other teaching sources such as the internet, DVDs and so forth. With books, however, the details are a lot more authentic. On the other hand, the data available online isn’t necessarily accurate and reliable.

Books are the common understanding imparting sources that each individual has in their mind. A young child emerging on his/her educational journey first will get knowledgeable about books getting colored picture illustrations to trap in addition to keep his/her attention. To this day, elders are interested in getting their wards fall under the habit of smoking of studying books. We glance at this type of habit like a noble pastime. An image of the class-room, bubbling with students along with a teacher waiting the blackboard having a chalk illustrating keypoints around the board isn’t complete without books and copybooks thrown around the desks from the students.

Today’s technology has introduced computers inside our achieve. Computers form an essential a part of youthful students’ education nowadays. In many schools the topic of Information Technology is introduced from the very early start to ensure that students are comfy using the device. But it might be worth noting that it’s still books which are utilized as sources for teaching any subject at any level. And then we may conclude that books, till date, would be the primary teaching sources.

If you’re searching for an array of Free Teacher Sources, take a look at the Promethean Planet website. Teaching sources, teaching software and Interactive White board Sources can be found.

Selecting a web-based Degree Program the proper way


For those who have made a decision that the online education program fits your needs, then the next thing is to make certain you choose the best one. Though there are various online schools that perform a good job of putting students in to the working world, its not all school and never every program is identical. You have to make certain that you’re hanging out to find the right academic focus, so you have to make certain that you’re taking courses with the proper distance education provider. Doing that’s simpler when you are aware what to pay attention to.

Assess the economy

The first thing would be to assess the economic system that we’re presently facing. Make sure to perform a detailed analysis, so that you don’t become a victim of common pitfalls. You need to take a look at which industries are hot right, but that’s insufficient. A good degree is going to be one which sustains itself. Search for the fields which are flexing their muscles at this time, but additionally come with an chance to remain strong for the following couple of decades. Once you know the economy’s role in your decision, it is much simpler to get making a great decision.

Playing for your strengths

The main factor of selecting a web-based degree program the proper way would be to play for your strengths. Even when a diploma may be lucrative, it must be inside a field that you’re really thinking about. Don’t simply begin taking courses in criminology because someone said that it’s a good field. Rather, find something you are great at and most importantly, something you are highly thinking about. If this can be done, you’ll finish up making the best choice with an online degree program.

Using a reliable school

A lot of today’s internet degree providers tend to be more respected than their counterparts for several focus areas. If you’re set on doing something running a business, a tight schedule by having an internet school which has proven the opportunity to produce solid graduates on the bottom. Seek information and take time to understand the information on each program. This should help you over time and you’ll be much more happy using the result. Your education is definitely an investment and you have to remember that while you proceed with your school search.

Financing Choices For Online Learning


If you are planning to obtain an online education, you will have to learn how to purchase school before you begin registering for classes. There are lots of advantages to obtaining a greater education, online or else, however it requires a good investment inside your future to be able to begin to see the benefits. Fortunately there are lots of sources to assist cover the expense of attending a certified online college. If you wish to learn to purchase online learning, continue studying and obtain began in your operating plan today.

If you know where you will be attending school, or have a very good concept of which school(s) it’ll most likely be, the university’s educational funding department is definitely the best spot to obtain here is how to cover school. They will help you to the very best-known sources for federal educational funding, condition educational funding, employer scholarships and scholarships and grants. The government and condition choices are often the first stuff you should choose, since this is where there is a most funding. The school’s educational funding office may not know of all of the employer sponsorships and funding sources, though, making this where you will need to perform some additional research.

If you’re presently employed, the organization or organization you’re employed for may well be a potential funding source for the online education if a few of the classes or degree connect with your work. When you get the first degree, give a secondary degree or develop a certification program, it forces you to a far more valuable worker, so they might be prepared to help. In almost any situation, it cannot hurt to inquire about.

If you have exhausted your sources but still don’t understand how to purchase online learning, don’t quit yet. There still might be many local private and public educational funding possibilities available. Determine should there be grants from places of worship, religious organizations, companies, work field panels, corporate groups, foundations, community groups, social organizations, political affiliations, unions, trade organizations, memorial committees and professional organizations. After some research and dedication, working out how to cover school really should not be that difficult.

How Can I Study To have an Online Degree in United kingdom?


Online Degree in United kingdom

Their studies at a location and duration of your convenience is just about the order during the day. Quite simply, individuals who can’t afford to visit a university or amount of their choice because of various reasons, get one stop solution known as the internet education. Regardless of how old they are or any other background Distance Education Educational program through online educational courses make the hopes for a large number of ambitious students become a reality, who just couldn’t get it done otherwise. Inside a country such as the United kingdom it might be difficult to get such colleges or universities.

Selections of study to have an Online Degree within the United kingdom

You will find the following 3 different alternatives of colleges for going after a web-based degree course in Uk. They are additionally with other universites and colleges you might find around the internet. Many of these institutions are accredited and therefore are setup using the primary purpose of serving the requirements of online degree programs.

Capella College offers an array of courses like, business management, it and healthcare. This college offers Masters and PhD courses along with Bachelors degree.

American Intercontinental College or AIU offers numerous degree courses that take 2 to 4 many years to complete. The credits earned listed here are transferable with other institutions. It, Business, Criminal Justice, Marketing and Visual communication are the programs provided by the AIU.

Worldwide Academy of Technology and design, among the top online schools for design offers numerous online degree courses. Advertising, Graphics and style, Web Developments and Fashion are the programs provided by the institution.

Will Rising Fuel Costs Spur a rise in Online Enrollment?


Lots of attention has concentrated on how rising fuel costs have a harmful impact on the tourism and travel industries, telecommuting, and particularly the agriculture industry. But a business that could gain (Yes, I stated GAIN) probably the most might be online education, or distance education particularly in individuals places that a lot of a student population includes adult learners who must commute to local campuses.

Consider what it really costs you to definitely drive:

Let us think that your car will get 20 mpg and gas is prices at $4.00 per gallon.

Should you commute 20 miles each day (10 miles back and forth from school), for any 12 week semester, at five days each week for carrying on classes do it yourself an additional $240 per semester for fuel. That doesn’t consider deterioration in your vehicle or insurance and parking charges.

Compare that to what you will pay should you be attending a web-based program:

Fuel continues to be $4.00 per gallon.

Your vehicle still will get 20 mpg of gas.

You’ll still attend classes five days per week for every 12 week semester.

You’ll still live 10 miles from the campus.

So, your overall fuel bill could be…let us find out if the mathematicians in our midst could possibly get this….

Well, it might be $.00, because you didn’t drive for your classes.

I understand which was a very simple math problem, but have you ever considered the implications of exactly what it means?

Should you attend no less than two semesters each year you’d save a minimum of $480.00 each year by ‘attending’ classes online. This doesn’t look at the affect that you’d dress in the atmosphere by not releasing pollution in to the atmosphere through driving your car.

Language Lesson Plans – Form a good Language Teaching Strategy This Semester


Whatever the language you educate, it’s nonetheless smart to possess a solid teaching arrange for each semester. Languages and linguistics are complex subjects that need structured planning in case your students will be to get anything from your teaching. Listed here are a couple of points to consider when writing your own language lesson plans.

Whether you are teaching grade school, junior high school, senior high school, or college courses, it’s likely your lesson plans is going to be posted for scrutiny before a committee. This not just helps to ensure that the types of materials is appropriate for the students’ current level, it makes certain that there’s lots of time to include all you need to educate. Typical products to incorporate in a foreign language plans include texts, movies, tapes, essay topics, assignments, field journeys, yet others. Many language courses likewise incorporate days where they read the culture from the language they study too. This might incorporate a day put aside to savor music, food, and games in the language’s native land.

With this thought, it’s not hard to understand why getting quality language plans is essential. Additionally to getting everything prepared and approved, getting your plans checked out also helps to ensure that your students have plenty of time to understand and absorb the fabric at hands. Language courses, in the end, are unique for the reason that the fabric is not always common understanding, so the sources to get help are somewhat limited. By looking into making sure there’s sufficient time for the students to review, inquire, and relearn difficult material, you do your behalf to create certain that the material remains cemented within their recollections.

Some teachers, however, argue against language lesson plans. They discover their whereabouts as way too structured and rigid, departing no room for spontaneity or fun. However, you’ll be able to arrange additional time aside for several days when classroom discussions elope on tangents or you just need to an additional few days to talk about a particular subject. The bottom line is simply organizing things in advance. This is often a tricky endeavor, as you cannot predict everything that could occur through the semester, but it’s indeed possible.

These are a couple of points to consider when creating language lesson plans. If you are self-teaching a language, you will find that you’ll do far better having a lesson plan than with out them, particularly if you are juggling work, school, or domestic responsibilities together with your training. Find out more about language lesson plans today!