Will Rising Fuel Costs Spur a rise in Online Enrollment?

Lots of attention has concentrated on how rising fuel costs have a harmful impact on the tourism and travel industries, telecommuting, and particularly the agriculture industry. But a business that could gain (Yes, I stated GAIN) probably the most might be online education, or distance education particularly in individuals places that a lot of a student population includes adult learners who must commute to local campuses.

Consider what it really costs you to definitely drive:

Let us think that your car will get 20 mpg and gas is prices at $4.00 per gallon.

Should you commute 20 miles each day (10 miles back and forth from school), for any 12 week semester, at five days each week for carrying on classes do it yourself an additional $240 per semester for fuel. That doesn’t consider deterioration in your vehicle or insurance and parking charges.

Compare that to what you will pay should you be attending a web-based program:

Fuel continues to be $4.00 per gallon.

Your vehicle still will get 20 mpg of gas.

You’ll still attend classes five days per week for every 12 week semester.

You’ll still live 10 miles from the campus.

So, your overall fuel bill could be…let us find out if the mathematicians in our midst could possibly get this….

Well, it might be $.00, because you didn’t drive for your classes.

I understand which was a very simple math problem, but have you ever considered the implications of exactly what it means?

Should you attend no less than two semesters each year you’d save a minimum of $480.00 each year by ‘attending’ classes online. This doesn’t look at the affect that you’d dress in the atmosphere by not releasing pollution in to the atmosphere through driving your car.

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