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Studies in Language and Capitalism 2(1)


Niamh Hennessy
The Janus-Face of Language: Reification in the Work of Habermas and the Bakhtin Circle (p.1)

Isabela Ietcu-Fairclough
Populism and the Romanian ‘Orange Revolution’: A Discourse-Analytical Perspective on the Presidential Election of December 2004 (p.31)

Camelia Suleiman and Daniel C. O’Connell
Bill Clinton on the Middle East: Perspective in Media Interviews (p.75)

Lisa Perks
The Nouveau Reach: Ideologies of Class and Consumerism in Reality-Based Television (p.101)

Christof Demont-Heinrich
The Ideological Construction of the Juggernaut of English: A Critical Analysis of American Prestige Press Coverage of the Globalisation of Language (p.109)


Kanchhedia Chamaar
A Resolutely Uncivilized Colonial Bumps into Postcolonialism (p.145)

Andrew Sola
The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to War-Profiteering in Iraq (p.155)


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